Club Registration

One of the privileges of membership is the ability to join the Club Permit Scheme with Croozesaders Inc.

We also accept Club Permit Scheme transfers.

If you are interested in obtaining a Club Permit, please familiarise yourself with Vic Roads requirements, link below.

Only full members and Associate Members are eligible to join our club permit scheme.

To obtain endorsement for a club permit application from Croozesaders Inc. you must:

  • Contact Croozesaders Inc. via email to establish if your vehicle complies with our club vehicle criteria BEFORE seeking endorsement or joining our club.(
  • Be a current Full Member or Associate Member  (i.e. fees paid and up to date).
  • Have a current Road Worthy Certificate [RWC] for the vehicle. (Not required if you’re transferring from another clubs permit scheme)
  • Inform us if you’re transferring from another clubs permit scheme, you’ll need to obtain a Croozesaders membership declaration form. Let us know you’re transferring from another club and we’ll provide you with the signed form.
  • Complete the appropriate Vic Roads forms. 

Club Permit Scheme application process:

  1. You must already be a paid member of Croozesaders (Click here for information)
  2. Contact Croozesaders to establish if your vehicle complies with our club vehicle criteria.
  3. Obtain a current RWC (road worthy certificate)
  4. Completed and sign all official Club Permit Application Forms (Vic Roads website)
  5. Take current dated photographs of your vehicle for which the permit is sought. Dated photographs must be provided;
    • Motorcycles: photographs of both sides of the motor cycle, a photograph of the rear, and identifiers, engine and frame numbers (ensure the numbers are clearly visible).
    • Cars: images of the front, driver’s side, other side, rear, driving position (side on with the driver’s door open) and identifiers, chassis number and engine number (ensure the numbers are clearly visible).
  6. Check that all the Photos, Vic Roads application forms and RWC information and numbers all match (If there are any mistakes you will not be able to lodge your application, and we wont be able to endorse it)
  7. Email the photos along with all the completed forms to for pre-approval
  8.  Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you and arrange to have your application endorsed in person.
  9. Note: If you’re transferring from another clubs permit scheme, get in touch with us as you may not need a roadworthy.

After you receive your Club Permit

You need to do the following:

  1. Email us the:  (
    1. Permit Number (Number Plate number)
    2. Permit Expiry Date
  2. Renewal, each time a Permit is Renewed we must be contacted to countersign the application as the Club authorised representative.  Simply email us a copy of your completed renewal form to and we’ll contact you to arrange an endorsement.
  3. Disposal; If you sell or dispose of your Club Permit vehicle, or decide not to renew your Permit, please notify us so we can update our records and notify Vic Roads.


It is your responsibility to become familiar and comply with the conditions of the Club Permit Scheme. By law failure to do this will result in severe penalties.

We are obligated to notify members of suspected safety issues or non-compliance with the, club permit scheme requirements, Vehicle Standards and/or modification guidelines and require that these issues are rectified within 14 days. If issues are not resolved by the member within 14 days, Croozesaders must notify VicRoads.

We are obligated to notify Vic Roads if your membership lapses.